Spring is the season of growth, so it’s time to give some thought to your garden and most importantly, your lawn, by beginning preparation for the year ahead to give it the best chance for maximum enjoyment and ultimate greenness.

Our Spring Treatment comprises of a high quality lawn feed that provides early season nutrients to improve the lawn after winter, stimulate growth and enhance the lawn’s colour.

The weather may be improving but we’re still likely to have wet and cold spells which can give the weeds and moss an upper hand if left. Our experts are always on the lookout for these issues and ready to treat any problem areas on your lawn.

We know summer is the time that you want to be outside making the most of your garden, so a healthy, stronger and greener lawn is always our mission, which is why our Early Summer Treatment is so important.

This treatment is applied twice in the summer to ensure your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy throughout the summer months.

Sunshine and an adequate amount of rain during the beginning of summer provides great conditions for all plant growth, so it is important during this stage to continue to provide nourishment that your lawn can use to defend against possible drought and scorching during the hotter months. We will also carry out targeted maintenance and lookout for signs of any possible problem areas.

During the summer your lawn uses its energy to grow rapidly and to fight against the stresses of possible drought and disease, and so essential nutrients will have been depleted, which is why it is important to apply a second Late Summer Treatment to nourish, restore, and strengthen the grass.

Therefore our Late Summer Treatment contains controlled release granules that will help to maintain colour and growth in the lawn.

Humidity during the summer months can provide ideal conditions for the development and spread of disease so it is important for us to spot problem areas and treat them as quickly as possible.

Autumn is all about preparing your lawn for the cold months ahead when grass growth slows but weeds and disease may prevail. Our Autumn Treatment focuses on strengthening the grass and enriching the soil to improve overall health and targets problem areas whilst still maintaining that lush green colour we have grown to love.

Therefore our Autumn Treatment does not encourage growth but strengthens the plant for the rigours of winter and encourages stronger root development.

Our autumn fertiliser is particularly effective after Annual Essential Treatments such as Lawn Scarification and Lawn Aeration as it is will help to restore lawn thickness and strength.

Winter is the time to protect your lawn against the stresses of extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions with focus on strength, defense, and prevention. Despite the lack of growth it still needs nourishment and help in order to prevent fungal diseases and to keep moss at bay.

With this in mind our Winter Treatment of mechanically removing cores of earth from the lawn to allow oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate into the root zone, leading to a healthy and dense lawn.

Our Winter Treatment also provides the essential micronutrients that are used for chlorophyll production in all plants which will help to green-up your lawn during the darker months, as well as assist the process of photosynthesis.

Why not take advantage of our FREE lawn review service? One of our fully trained, lawn care professionals will be happy to arrange a free lawn review with you. As part of the review they will identify any issues your lawn may have and provide you with a fully costed solution for you to consider. Click here to request a FREE quote.


Our service starts with a free, no-obligation survey and quotation. We will then agree a programme of treatment with you on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, no long term contracts are required. Our qualified, professional, licensed, police-checked operators will then take over, delivering a professional treatment programme that targets different aspects of turf development throughout the year.

  • Free, no obligation survey and quotation
  • We agree a programme with you – no contracts
  • Better quality treatments than DIY products
  • Qualified, professional, licensed, police checke
  • Hard Surface Weed Control (N.P.T.C. Accredited)


Avoid mowing when your grass is wet, this will tend to rip the grass as opposed to cutting it

Unfortunately no matter how much love and care we give to our lawn without moisture we have nothing. Without it lawns will not thrive, soon turn brown and go into a dormant state until water is available – put simply, it is the plants defence mechanism to help it survive through dry periods.

A recently mowed lawn with a striped finish always looks impressive. The striping is achieved by the rear roller, which gently pushes the grass blades in one direction. Getting the perfect effect can take a little practise depending upon the shape of the lawn being mowed. Rectangular shaped lawns tend to be easier to stripe, irregularly shaped lawns can take a little more practice to achieve the desired result.